• Clinical Team

    Daryl Mason, MA, LPC, PMH-C


    Master of Arts in Community Counseling

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    We all face life events, anticipated ones and unexpected ones, that contribute to stress, uncertainty, and other unwanted change. My therapeutic view is that we can benefit from the presence, guidance, support, and reassurance of an objective perspective in facing life's challenges. I have the privilege to be a part of one's journey in regaining balance, stability, and overall life happiness.


    I have experience working in a variety of settings including inpatient and IOP substance treatment facilities, outpatient mental health agency with SMI adult clients, and private

    practice settings.


    I prefer working with individuals, ages 14 and older, as well as couples, addressing adjustment issues, relationship disharmony, anxiety and depression or other mood disorders. I

    particularly appreciate working with clients that are experiencing changes during pregnancy and the postpartum season of life. I am impassioned about helping facilitate women and the whole family have access to resources, connection and support to empower and deal with these

    related challenges rather than continuing to suffer. I have been working with these clients for 2+ years and have completed my Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C).


    Accepts BCBS, Blue Choice, AllKids, New Directions, BCBS Federal, PEEHIP, Tricare, Optum, American Behavioral, Lyra

    Heather Stone, MS, LPC-S, BC-TMH


    Master of Science in Professional Counseling

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    I am dedicated to helping clients learn to live with grief, loss and other life transitions. In a world that tells us grieving is a problem that needs to be fixed, I offer a different perspective. If you have experienced an overwhelming life change, you don't need platitudes. Instead, I provide acknowledgement and support as you adjust to your new reality. I also specialize in working with parents raising children with disabilities. Many parents find it impossible to care for themselves. As a parent of a child with disabilities, I understand the unique challenges that you and your child face.

    I offer warm, empathetic, understanding as I join with you in grieving, accepting the things you cannot change and making positive adjustments so you can care for yourself. I use evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness Techniques.

    I can help you decide what changes will be helpful and support you as you make those changes. I also provide compassion and validation to encourage acceptance of the things you have no power to change. With over twenty years of experience, I can help you face your challenges with renewed energy, acceptance and a restored sense of purpose.


    Currently accepting clients ages 12 and up.


    BCBS, Blue Choice, AllKids, New Directions, BCBS Federal, PEEHIP, Optum & Cigna insurances accepted. Other Insurances Pending.

    Mizani Johnson, MS, LPC


    Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    I believe that Person-Centered therapy takes into consideration the holistic healing of the individual including their physical, emotional, and mental state. I find that this is most helpful for clients as counseling is a gateway for an individual’s growth and healing. Therapy gives you an opportunity to explore and navigate your own feelings and thoughts in a safe environment. In building a therapeutic relationship, I aim to help you in exploring and discovering more about your own patterns of behaviors, goals, and limitations. This provides an environment where you can feel encouraged to begin establishing new and healthier patterns of behavior as you begin to heal or rebuild.

    As your counselor, I aim to help you in choosing the direction you want to take in resolving issues and set goals to achieve your desired outcomes. It is my goal to treat each client as a unique individual; worthy of acceptance and respect, regardless of means, circumstances, or obstacles.

    I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and have experience in Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) among other evidenced based techniques.


    Currently accepting clients ages 10 and up.


    BCBS, Blue Choice, AllKids, New Directions, PEEHIP, Optum, & Cigna. Other insurances pending.


    Ramona Perkins, MS, LPC


    Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

    Bachelor of Science in Communication

    I use an integrative approach to help each client find solutions. Thinking, feeling, and personal history connect in ways that form unique personal experiences. My integrative approach uses a variety of methods to support healing and growth rather than an one size fits all approach. I work as a partner with clients to sift through the confusion that often comes with stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

    I have worked in a variety of settings to include hospitals, rehabilitation, day programs and private practice. I am trained in an unique approach known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). EMDR can be an effective way to address the lingering effects of disturbing life experiences. For more information about EMDR therapy, you can visit http://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/. I look forward to working with you!


    BCBS, Optum, American Behavioral, Blue Choice, AllKids, New Directions, PEEHIP, BCBS Federal, Tricare, & Cigna accepted.

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